Battery Recycling


In the middle of March a container appeared in Lincoln New World into which people were invited to place their used household batteries. These are to be recycled instead of going to landfill. Anyone who possibly can, is urged to make use of this exciting new facility. It seems highly probable that it is the only household battery recycling offered through a supermarket in New Zealand.

The scheme was initiated by Lincoln Envirotown Trust, who contacted Alan Liefting of Ecotech Services to discuss this specialist service offered by them. The Trust was soon joined enthusiastically by Kyle Burnett of New World who agreed to provide the space for us to trial the concept. Maria Wake from the Sustainable Initiative Fund Trust was very supportive and the trust agreed to fund the start up costs of the project. Selwyn District Council’s Waste Manager, Andrew Boyd is very positive about the potential of this unique plan. “It’s great to see a problematic material in the waste stream being tackled through a community led initiative”.

After much research on the safe storage of batteries, a container was commissioned and has been filling up with common household batteries at a rapid rate. Lincoln Envirotown will soon make the first delivery of batteries for recycling to Ecotech Services. Here they are sorted, discharged where necessary, and stored for shipment to specialist recycling plants overseas.

This exciting “first” for Selwyn fulfils the important objective of keeping toxic materials out of our landfills and is another step towards achieving environmental goals. In some European countries it is compulsory to recycle household batteries.

The hope is to start other “stations” at retail outlets around Selwyn but in the mean time all are again urged to keep their batteries out of bins and bring them to New World in Lincoln.

Click to view details of the types of batteries that can be recycled. 



Responsible Business Awards


New Responsible Business Awards to launch in June Platinum Award winners of the Malvern RBAS with Mayor Sam Broughton and Assessor Wendy Wild


Lincoln Envirotown are looking forward to the launch of their new Responsible Business Awards. These have undergone changes to both the survey that businesses are asked to complete, and the process which will be conducted on line.


Lincoln Envirotown would like to thank the Lincoln University Researchers Tracy Anne De Silva, Azadeh Nilipour, and Charlotte Thompson. These people have been largely instrumental in getting business feedback on our previous awards and devising a new survey in response to this feedback. We are also grateful to Andrew Boyd of Selwyn District Council for his advice in some areas.


The other exciting development is that for the first time, businesses of every Selwyn District will be invited to participate. Malvern and West Melton were assessed last year for the first time, and were the only areas that underwent the process in 2016 while work was done on the new Awards for everyone.


Businesses will still be aiming to receive Awards ranging from Bronze to Platinum and there will be winners in each area. However this year we aim to declare an overall Selwyn winner and to have a separate category for Educational entries which will allow all our district’s schools to compete against each other as well as receiving their relevant certificate. It is a testament to the educators that schools have traditionally received high awards for their sustainable practices.


In June assessors and the Responsible Business Coordinator will be sending an on line survey to businesses. Assessors will then arrange visits, to discuss the results of the survey and talk to people about their practices and initiatives. Businesses have reported very favourably on the changes that have been implemented and we look forward to an interesting and exciting “awards season”.

For more details contact or call 03 423 0445



Kim Hill Hot Topic

Water - a Global Issue affecting New Zealand

Listen to Kim Hill and panellists in a stimulating discussion.  WATER – for New Zealand, for the world - what has to change to ensure our future?  Is NZ using its water responsibly?

Click to listen


Bryan Jenkins: Well-known water expert

Ken Hughey: Lincoln University/DOC

Peter Townsend: CEO, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce

Brent Clothier: Plant and Food Research

Thanks to our sponsors

Selwyn District Council, Rata Foundation, Living Water, Lincoln University, Plant & Food Research, Lincoln Agritech, The AgriBusiness Group, The Laboratory, Ursula Bedgood Bayleys Realty, Trees for Canterbury, Peter Yealands Wine Group, and GreenLinc.

Photo credit: Peter Jarvis



First Malvern Responsible Business Awards

Celebratory Atmosphere at First Malvern Responsible Business AwardsThe Winners of the Malvern RBA Trophy 2016 Greendale School

Lincoln Envirotown presented their first Responsible Business Awards to be competed for in the Malvern and West Melton areas. This marks a landmark for these Awards as they have now been conducted in all areas of Selwyn. The awards involve businesses being assessed for their sustainable practices and service to the community, as well as being helped and encouraged to make further improvements.  Over 200 businesses throughout Selwyn have taken part since these were instituted.

Lincoln Envirotown were very pleased with the number of businesses that participated in the first of these Award processes in Malvern and West Melton, and more importantly were very impressed with the standards which were reflected in the high award levels.

The guest speaker was James Caygill, Manager of Regional Engagement (South Island) for Fonterra. James spoke about the growing awareness within Fonterra of constantly maintaining and improving upon their environmental performance both nationally and internationally. He cited some remarkable initiatives including fencing more than 24,000km of waterways on dairy farms and aiming for 90% water re-use & recycling at new-build milk processing plants. He also explained how Fonterra had established a link with an overseas company to recycle packaging materials, such as tetrapaks that are unable to be processed here in New Zealand, into text books and even roofing tiles!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with the business representatives ready to celebrate their achievements and those of other enterprises. It was also a chance for many of us to meet our new Mayor Mr. Sam Broughton who presented the certificates and the first Malvern Responsible Business top award – the Fonterra Trophy.

There were numerous high awards granted, with the winning enterprise being Greendale School. The assessor Wendy Wild explained that the children of the school had impressed her with their clear vision and goals that they had for a sustainable future. Congratulations to all the businesses gaining awards especially to Springfield School and Melton Estate who gained platinum awards.

Roddy Hale, the Responsible Business co-ordinator thanked Yealands Wineries for their contribution to sustainable practices in New Zealand along with their generous donation of wine for the occasion. The Warehouse Rolleston kindly provided the frames for certificates. Grateful thanks were also expressed to the long term supporters of Lincoln Envirotown; the Selwyn District Council and the Rata Foundation.

Platinum Award winners of the Malvern RBAS with Mayor Sam Broughton and Assessor Wendy Wild Gold Award winners with Mayor Sam Broughton and Assessor Wendy Wild









Greendale School were the overall winners of the Fonterra trophy.

Platinum Awards were given to: Melton Estate, Springfield School and Greendale School. 

Gold Awards were given to: Annabel's Educare and Kindergarten, Bloom, Darfield Chiropractic, Darfield Garden Centre, Darfield ITM, Darfield Preschool, Doughboys Darfield, Glentunnel School, Halkett Grove Bed and Breakfast, Johnny Fresh, The Fat Beagel, VET ENT Darfield, West Melton Kindergarten and Nursery, West Melton Primary School.


Top: The Winners of the Malvern Responsible Business Awards Trophy 2016 - Greendale School

Above left: Platinum Award winners of the Malvern Responsible Business Awards with Mayor Sam Broughton and Assessor Wendy Wild.  

Above right: Gold Award winners with Mayor Sam Broughton and Assessor Wendy Wild.  


Mayoral Candidates’ Information to Lincoln Envirotown

Earlier this month Lincoln Envirotown contacted all the Mayoral Candidates standing for election in Selwyn. They were asked if they could answer some questions that the Trust considered to be important in regards to our Community and Environment.

Lincoln Envirotown are extremely grateful to all the candidates for taking the time and trouble to provide detailed and interesting answers to every question.

The summary of their views and policy ideas were very clearly outlined to read click here: Questions for Mayoral Candidates.


Keep New Zealand Beautiful 2016

Children find almost no life in the Liffey stream bed!Primary School children collect their samples

On Tuesday September 13th, Lincoln Envirotown invited a group of pupils from each of the three surrounding schools to attend the annual “Keep New Zealand Beautiful” event on the Liffey Domain by North Belt. Lots of keen students with their teachers and parents and other community members came along.  Each school group undertook different tasks aimed at showing how important it is to keep our Environment in a healthy state and the work that it takes.

Matt Stanford from Enviroschools Canterbury ran activities about waste with the children from Kidsfirst Kindergarten, Lincoln.  Despite the fact that the area looked relatively tidy, the children managed to find plenty of rubbish. They then made a collage of their finds which explained how long it would take for the various items to break down completely; we don’t know if there was any certainty on this for the decaying old soccer ball that was found!

Waterwatch from Lincoln University ran the water quality testing with the Primary and Secondary schools. The primary school assessed the water quality by collecting water from the river and seeing what tiny living creatures were there (indicator invertebrates).  They were disappointed to only find a number of aquatic worms and one other species, indicating that the water quality was very bad.   The large number of leaves in the water from the deciduous trees may have temporarily reduced oxygen in the water, which was very low.

 The Lincoln High School students measured the phosphates and nitrates in the water. These were found to be at worryingly high levels.  They also took samples of water to find out what bacteria were in it. The E.coli levels (indicator of sewage contamination) were lower than in the past, but the numbers of Campylobacter , which can cause stomach upsets , was quite high. The E.coli levels would probably be higher further down the stream where there is more run off from the streets, and more water fowl. More detailed results click here.

The Living Water team (a DOC/Fonterra partnership), who are tremendous supporters of Lincoln Envirotown, also participated as did local artist and “water activist”, Mike Glover. Mike is hoping to use some of the information and photos he took in his upcoming exhibition in October.

However, perhaps the most important participants as far as the school children were concerned, were the wonderful team from the Lincoln New World Supermarket who again provided the sausage sizzle which was most welcome as the weather started to cool around lunch time.

It was generally agreed that it was an enjoyable and educational morning’s activity and Lincoln Envirotown Trust would like to thank all involved.



Earth Hour Banner



Earth Hour 2016

Earth Hour 2015 was another busy one in Lincoln. It all started with...

Kim Hill Debate 

This now annual debate mediated by Kim Hill was well attended as always.  There was an informative and lively discussion on the various aspects of the topic.  View the newsletter for more details on the event.

To listen to the event and see photos from the discussion...




the next evening was the...

Selwyn Earth Hour Video Competition Awards Ceremony

A screening of this years entries was followed by prize giving. It was good to see so many budding young environmentalists taking an interest in a wide range of topics, and all received prizes for their excellent efforts.  

You can see all of this years entries below...


 and to celebrate the actual Earth Hour...

Earth Hour Dance

As usual it attracted a good number, with adults of all ages along with many children. It was a hugely energetic crowd with most dancing for the duration of the evening.  To see how other parts of the world celebrated go click here. 

Barn Dance Unplugged







Additional Events and Information

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